Why 2014 is crunch time for video content marketing


It’s been a wonderful year seeing how more than 20,000 entrepreneurs are publishing videos reguarly in order to grow their businesses, taking advantage of the different uses they can take from Videolean such as:

  • introducing their businesses,
  • promoting their products, 
  • enrich newsletters with video,
  • re-use written content exporting it to video,
  • increase the audience in other content channels like Youtube/Vimeo/Wistia.

Always with the main goal all of this actions give you when they are executed altogether: make your business grow being ranked in better positions in Google due to all those videos published with quality content linking to your site.

Let’s see what some of these businesses are doing.

Promote an event

Pickevent is a highly active networking app in terms of organizing events and meetups in order to create community.

If your company also organizes stuffs like this, you can start trying out the free event template.

Re-use written content exporting it to video

Funders&Founders published few weeks ago an outstanding infographic about at what age different succesful founders ran their startups.

We decided it was too good to don’t re-use it and make an easy to share video about it.

Promote your product

HubSpot is well known for their whitepapers and ebooks with high level content. Decided the best way to promote the ABC’s of Inbound Marketing was with a video.


Ever made a list of tools or benefits? So did we. Posted few weeks ago a video summarizing the benefits of buying your Videolean.

Gain audience in new channels

Tech City News summarizes their weekly news with the template video Table Blogger


Are you using Videolean for anything else we’ve missed?

Go ahead and make your first video in


Too late to start up?

  • 35 years old: Jan Koum founded Whatsapp
  • 35 years old: Michael Arrington started TechCrunch
  • 41 years old: Mark Pincus founded Zynga
  • 41 years old: Robert Noyce founded Intel
  • 42 years old: Rober Chase founded Zip Car
  • 52 years old: Ray Krock started McDonald’s
  • 55 years old: John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola
  • 65 years old: Harland Sanders started KFC

It’s never too late

Make a video like this in


Never heard anyone saying “I don’t want people click play in my video”. However, it’s very unlikely people invest time enough optmizing the very last step that is going to make people click play or not: the thumbnail

Many people is going to decide wether or not play your video solely based on your thumbnail. Therefore, it’s clearly something to keep in mind before sharing.

Crafting the thumbnail can improve your play rate up to 35% compared to an automatic one.

Wanted to share how we customised our thumbnail in 5 great tools to help you make a better job.

Before doing anything, we need to make sure we’ve got the following 2 things:

  1. A video, preferably done with Videolean.
  2. Somewhere to upload the video. We use Wistia due to they professional features such as the Twitter follow or the turnstile. Most of people will use Youtube or Vimeo though.

Assuming you have both, let’s move on to the thumbnail customisation. We love Canva, a graphic design tool for dummies. There you can customise graphic design templates just typing texts and uploading images. Pretty much like the Videolean of graphic design. Kudos. You can use plenty of other tools though, but using Canva you saves us tons of time and the output is very professional anyway.


Here’s what we did:

  1. Sign up/log in
  2. Go to “presentation”. Since video has a rectangular shape, this category is where you’ll download the image in the best size.
  3. Select the layout. This time we chose “laptop title page”
  4. Add text in a new page. Since the layout chosen requires an image in the laptop’s screen, we wrote the title in a white page.
  5. Download the text image.
  6. Upload the text image to your Canva gallery.
  7. Drag&drop the text image in the laptop’s screen
  8. Customise background and delete other texts.
  9. Download the design
  10. Upload the design to your video in Wistia/Youtube/Vimeo

andreaham asked:
new to the service. 1- I selected both download options and all i get is a video that plays on my screen in a new window. HOW to download to my computer?? 2- Also- Facebook upload is taking a long time, not sure if I made a mistake or not. How long does it take to get into FB? 3- is there a source for FAQs or other QandA?Thank you

veteran in the service and genuinely sorry your first experience is being so buggy.

  1. check out this image to know how to download your video properly:
  2. you mean Facebook sign in? Should be straight forward. Otherwise I’ll let support team know about it. In the meantime, you can sign up with your email instead.
  3. working on that ;)

Is there anything else I can help you with? 


  1. Get visibility in Social Media. Owning the video lets you upload it wherever you want, wich lets you promote your video in channels with people who are missing your business nowadays.
  2. Make changes even after the purchase. Videolean satisfaction guarantee means you have the right to do one more re-editing even when the video has been already purchased. Change as many texts and images as you want.
  3. One-click upload to Youtube. No hassle. One click and your Youtube channel is updated.
  4. SEO. Bear in mind video now appears in the 70% of the top 100 search results listings.
  5. Own the video in HD forever and ever. Download the video in HD and do with it whatever you want (advanced editing, add voice over, upload to any platform, …).

Bonus tracks:

  • Stand out from your competitors with a professional video. Your competitor has an amateur screencast with bad voice recording? You have a kickass professional video that people is morely likely to share.
  • Delete Videolean’s watermark. Ever seen those stock photos with a watermark? What did you think about that blogger or website where you saw that? Same here. Do not ruin your brand having a watermark in your promotional material.
  • Export your written content to video, like this one:

Go ahead and buy your Videolean.